Our SEN Tutoring And Support Services

Our Teaching and Support Services

We provide SEN Tutoring on the Wirral for children with dyslexia, dyscalculia and other specific learning difficulties, and also for children who don’t have a diagnosis but need additional one-to-one support. There is no obligation, and no contract. We also work with you as parents, to support and guide you with how best to help your child, and if applicable, we provide help and support through diagnosis and application for an EHCP.

We can also provide assessments for dyslexia and dyscalculia, and we work closely with an educational psychologist who can provide a full cognitive assessment.

We also provide training for schools, charities, childminders and parent groups.

We have training available for dyslexia, autism and ADHD, and can also tailor training to your child’s needs. For example, our ADHD training is ideal for anyone working or living with children who are displaying symptoms of ADHD, whether or not they have a formal diagnosis. We will teach you how to understand what your child is thinking or feeling, why it leads to behavioural difficulties, and some practical solutions to help.

Book A Tutor Session

After a telephone or email consultation,  we ask you to send over your child’s latest reports. We then arrange a meeting with one of our teachers. There, we will listen to you as you tell us about your child, and we will give you our advice and support.

If your child is present at this session (and some parents choose not to bring their child, which is also fine) then we will assess them so that we understand their strengths and weaknesses. If you have any additional reports or information about your child, we would encourage you to bring that to the session – it helps us to understand the bigger picture about your child.

We are patient, kind, supportive and helpful. Each hour-long lesson costs £50.

For this, we:

  • Plan detailed, personalised lessons
  • Produce individualised resources
  • Teach your child one-to-one
  • Constantly assess and review your child’s progress throughout each lesson and in the longer term
  • Set homework activities if you would like us to
  • Offer ongoing telephone and email support to you in case you have any concerns or questions
  • Liaise with teachers and other professionals as necessary

Unlike other tutors, we don’t follow a generic workbook or teach group sessions – we believe that your child is unique, with unique skills and experiences, and that’s why we prefer to plan our lessons from scratch, based around your child’s specific needs.

Early Learning

We know that young children learn best through play. Therefore, our teaching sessions are fun, interactive, specifically tailored to your child’s interests, and relevant to their stage of learning. We offer bespoke lessons which teach early literacy and numeracy skills, whether they are already in school or not. We teach children from the age of three.

Perhaps you are concerned that your school-age child is only heard read once a week, in a group? Maybe you would like them to have one-to-one time with a teacher, that they are not getting in school? We can help. Maybe you are worried that your child has special educational needs, but they don’t have a diagnosis. We can help.

Teaching in Schools

Our teachers have all been enhanced-DBS checked and hold the relevant insurance. This means that we are able to teach our one-to-one lessons in school. These lessons can be paid for by schools or by parents.

“I am so pleased that we chose to use Metamorphosis to support individual children in school. Sally is always professional and she provides a high standard of support. The impact is evident from the assessments that have been completed. Both staff and parents are really happy with the progress the children have made. Sally has also delivered the sessions online due to Covid-19 which again have been really successful. I would definitely recommend Metamorphosis to any schools or parents who would like to support children with specific learning difficulties.” SENCO at Our Lady & St.Edward’s Primary School, Birkenhead.

Advice For Parents

As parents ourselves, we do understand the worry you feel if your child isn’t achieving their potential. We can help you to understand the demands of the school curriculum, see where your child is up to in their learning, show you how to negotiate the maze of acronyms and jargon surrounding education, and find a path that suits you and your child. You may need support following a diagnosis, or you might want to begin the process of applying for an EHCP or choosing a school. We can help.

Dyslexia and Literacy Intervention Tutoring

Here at Metamorphosis, we use, in addition to other resources, the DALP – Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme, a structured, cumulative and highly specialised programme which is used to formulate an individualised programme for your child.

“Effective interventions ‘personalise learning’ by matching provision to meet children’s individual needs and quicken the pace of learning for those with literacy difficulties, thus narrowing the attainment gap with their typically developing peers.” (Identifying and Teaching Children and Young People with Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties –  An Independent Report from Sir Jim Rose to the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, June 2009)

The aim is to build skills and knowledge from basic phonics through to coding attack skills, (identifying and labelling vowels and consonants); suffixing, (e.g. adding/changing/understanding word endings); punctuation and syntax (understanding the rules and how language works). The result is incredibly empowering for our young people.

Higher Order Reading and Writing Skills

The higher order skills workshops we offer as part of our SEN tutoring on the Wirral focus on the skills required to access texts at a higher level. These include skimming and scanning for a specific focus, picking out explicit and implicit information, comprehension and inferencing skills, and evidencing using source material from texts.

These skills are vital for a range of exams from SATS through to GCSE and beyond.

Exam Readiness

We offer assessments to apply for exam access (Reader, Scribe, Laptop, Extra Time requirements) through our in-house Specialist Assessor who is approved by the Joint Council for Qualifications Examining Board and is on the Register for Qualified Test Users (RQTU) with the British Psychological Society. This means that you can use our Assessor’s report and the Form C required for your child’s Exams Officer to apply. Please ask for more details – we are very happy to explain this process to you.

Help At Home

You are your child’s first teacher, and as such you know your child better than anyone. However, we have the experience and expertise in the classroom to be able to understand the specific nature of the support your child needs – whether that’s literacy, numeracy, exam technique, self-confidence, organisational skills or learning behaviours. The skills we teach are more likely to be embedded if they are practised at home too. We will set homework if you would like us to – but often this will be a game or activity that isn’t formal in nature. We don’t want to overload children, and we will work with you to assess the demands of their school work and balance this for your child. We provide an ongoing telephone and email support service for you as parents, for as long as you need.